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Real Estate Loans

Traditional Rehab & Resale
Find a property that needs a little work? When banks say no, Restoration Capital says yes!

Home Auction Purchase
Before you bid on your next property, find out how quickly and easily Restoration Capital can
finance your purchase.

Cash-Out Refinance
Own a property with little or no debt? You can qualify for a cash-out loan in as little as 3 days with Restoration Capital.


What We Offer

Restoration Capital, LLC is Virginia's premier rehab lender. We offer real estate investors fast and flexible financing based on the value of the real estate being collateralized.
  • 1.

    Fast, Flexible Financing

  • 2.

    Quick Settlement (5 Days)

  • 3.

    No Minimum Down Payment

  • 4.

    No Prepayment Penalties

  • 5.

    Exceptional Customer Service

The Restoration Capital team is dedicated to seeing you succeed. Before you purchase your next investment property, find out what a Restoration Capital loan can do for you!


"Very attentive staff. I called Restoration Capital, explained my project and qualified for a loan in less than 24 hours.”

John Anderson
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