5 Things To Know About Hard Money Loans

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1. What is a private loan / hard money loan? Answer: In simple terms, any loan that is not originated by a bank is considered a private loan or hard money loan. Private lenders range from large companies to any individual willing to make you a loan. The term “hard” simply references the financing’s focus […]

How To Qualify For Fix & Flip Financing

You’ll find a wide variety of private lenders out there. That’s just the nature of our industry. Some will be able to offer money and actually close on-time, others will not. Some will help you grow to be very successful, others will not be as honest. I always suggest asking your local real estate investors. […]

Traditional Mortgage vs Hard Money Loan

If you are looking to invest in real estate and need financing, you might be thinking you have two options: a conventional mortgage or a hard money loan. Though most people understand the basics of a conventional mortgage, many may wonder, “what is a hard money loan?” Here are some common differences between the two […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Private Equity Lenders

Recently, I had a conversation with a CPA about Deed of Trust Investing (investing in commercial notes) which is what our company Restoration Capital offers. His impressions (bulleted below) were fairly typical to the misconceptions I come across in the industry: People turn to private lenders when they cannot get a bank loan. Because the […]